New Whadafunk Hats Now Available At Zumiez Stores!!

As some of you may already know, I am excited to announce that Zumiez has just picked up a brand new line of WHADAFUNK hat styles. They are now carrying a exclusive line of hats that are only going to be available at their stores & in their online shop! 5 Brand New Hat Styles (2 Dad Hats, 2 Snapbacks & A Trucker Hat) Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the brand for all of these years, it is much appreciated! If you purchase a Whadafunk hat from Zumiez send me your receipts because I am holding a raffle & giving away TWO gift cards to Zumiez !!! You can buy the hats HERE!!!! or in Zumiez stores as well!!!! THANKS ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!! Check out the commercial we shot in front of the Zumiez located in Manhattan!!!!!

Let The Good Times Roll Motorcycle Block Party Recap

On August 18th we headed into Brooklyn to the Let The Good Times Roll Motorcycle Block Party. This is the 2nd annual & we decided that we needed to set up a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop at this one. It was supposed to rain on this day but luckily it only rained for about 20 minutes the entire time we were there. There were a ton of motorcycles, plenty of beer & of course burgers and other barbeque foods. They even had tattoos going on inside the shop. Oh yeah, did I mention burn outs & wheelies??... until the cops showed up. It was a successful day of selling Whadafunk to many new people and some old supporters as well. It's a lot of fun going to these events & becoming friends with random people I keep seeing. I did a small recap video of the event if you want to see more of what it was about! Can't wait til next year!

Green Villian x Writers Bench Graffiti Block Party Event Recap

On July 21st I headed to the Green Villian X Writers Bench Graffiti Block Party. I didn't have a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop set up at this event but I did have a great time regardless. I haven't been to a live graffiti event in a long time & when I seen the flyer for this I knew I had to go check it out. This took place in Jersey City, NJ...which is very annoying to get to from coming my direction, but it was worth it regardless. I seen some breakdancing, some graffiti painting & I even ate some free food from the food trucks that they had at the event. It was a great day, I made a small recap video from the event.