Screen Printing & Sewing Labels On Bandannas

On Friday April 20th, I released Whadafunk 420 Bandannas for a 1 day only exclusive sale. These bandannas were hand silk screen printed & I sewed each of the labels on myself. I didn't plan on doing a 420 release but I had ordered these bandannas and was in the mood to do some silk screen printing. I wanted to create a video to show the behind the scenes process of making these Whadafunk bandannas. I show everything from the printing to the sewing. These bandannas are not available anymore but if you come to a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop I might have a few still for sale. Thank you to everyone who ordered your bandannas on this day & if you got one of them now you can see how they were made. I like to keep everything as much DIY as I can, so each piece is truly made with love.