The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 | TROG 2019 | WILDWOOD NJ

On the weekend of October 4th we headed to The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 aka TROG 2019. This is one of the best events of the year and in the past it has been in the summer but this time they had it in October so it was a little more cold than usual. I filmed this video home video style like you would if you attended a motorcycle event back in the day without having any editing software or computers. If you don't know what The Race Of Gentlemen is an annual event that the Oilers car club hold yearly where people can bring their old motorcycles & cars and race against others on the sand. I love the entire vibe of this event because it really makes you feel like you were back in the day. I filmed all 3 days of the event from Friday to Sunday and tried to get as much footage as I could for everyone to watch. I was going to make it much shorter but decided that I would keep most of the footage in for anyone who wasn't able to attend the event and wanted to see what it was really like. Can't wait for next year!!! Hope you love the video Thanks for watching!