Whadafunk Fall 2018!

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that the new Whadafunk collection is available on We really expanded our line of products with this collection and turned a lot of dream pieces into reality. From the matte black Whadafunk coffee mug embossed on both sides with an all new original design to the Cut&Sew hoodie that features silkscreened designs on a hand-picked fabric that we then embroidered on the front and back of each hoodie. There are brand new patches, long sleeves and a Whadafunk font! 100% drawn and designed by us, the Whadafont can be used on anything as soon as you buy it! We’ve got your soon-to-be new favorite hoodie, long sleeve and accessories all up and they’re limited release so be sure to grab them while you can! These are just some of the lookbook photos that we took, if you want to see more check out our Whadafunk Instagram!