Whadafunk is Now Available at ZUMIEZ!

I am proud to announce that you can now buy WHADAFUNK at Zumiez stores & in their online shop. This is the first big retailer that I am having carry the Whadafunk Brand. I hand made all of the Whadafunk Drippy Funk Beanies that were sent out to the Zumiez stores. It is currently available in 40+ of the Zumiez locations. I should also mention that the Whadafunk Drippy Funk Beanie is ONLY available at the Zumiez stores. You cannot buy this item in our online shop. I made a short video of me creating these beanies & I also added a store list so you can see what store is in your area that carries a Whadafunk product. I am happy to finally get the brand to a wider audience & I appreciate the support from all of you. Thank you!