Rampage Skate Shop - Final Event

On Saturday February 10th I came through to my favorite place RAMPAGE SKATE SHOP - in Bridgeport CT to have a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop. Sadly this is the last event that they will be holding at this location. They had told me that they were moving locations after 15+ years. I have been coming to Rampage for the past 6+ years and it has always been a great time. Check out the video for full coverage from the day.

Appalachian Moto Jam Snow Hill Climb

Appalachian Moto Jam always throws great motorcycle events that I've been going for a couple years now. Usually, I'll have a Whadafunk pop up shop set up and I'll be hanging out selling Whadafunk gear. I made a little recap video of the Moto Jam Hill Climb event from the last weekend of January. Hope you enjoy it & stay tuned for more events like this. And definitely come through and say what's up if you ever see me at the Whadafunk booth.

DIY: How To Sew A Pocket On a T-Shirt

Recently I decided to do a tutorial on How To Sew A Pocket On A T-Shirt. I show you how I made the new Whadafunk "Twisted" Snake Denim Pocket T-Shirt. I wanted to help people learn how to do it themselves. If you like the YouTube video, leave a comment. I may or may not do more of these tutorial videos depending on how much people like it, so let me know! Thanks Everyone!

New Whadafunk Website & New Clothing Collection

After years of trying to create the perfect website, I've finally created something that I am proud to show the world. I am not a web designer & know very small amount of HTML but I made it happen. I also created an entire new Whadafunk collection of clothing for you to shop & support the brand. I have created Long Sleeve Shirts, T-Shirts, Pocket T-Shirts, Patches, Hats, & much more. If you purchased something from our webstore & seen this blog post, message me on Instagram DM & I will mail you something FREE. Thanks Everyone!