On Sunday August 25th 2019 we had our annual summer bbq aka DA FUNKIN BBQ. Each year we throw a end of summer bbq for all of our old friends & new friends that we met throughout the year! It was another successful bbq with a ton of new faces & old faces. Everyone had a awesome time & that is honestly always the goal with our events. It's a good feeling when everyone comes up to you saying they are having a great time and enjoying the vibes. DA FUNKIN BBQ is an event where everything is FREE (Food, Beer, Fun) as a thank you to everyone for supporting us all year long. Especially when summers are so busy it is hard to catch up with all of our friends so this is our chance to get everyone together for a unforgettable time. SHOUTOUT TO BUBBA BURGER for sponsoring the event with FREE BURGERS for everyone. Everyone loved the burgers so much, they have such a great variety and they are all so great tasting. We made an event t-shirt and it sold out before the event was over! Thank you to everyone who came through & we hope to take this event on the road one day to your city! ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY Chris Callinan. Follow Him On Twitter.