MOTOMARKET NYC Summer Bash 2019

MOTOMARKET NYC Summer Bash 2019 (Brooklyn)

On June 23rd we brought the Whadafunk Pop Up Shop to the MotoMarket NYC Summer Bash. It was located in Brooklyn NY at LowTide motors and it was the first real hot day of the summer season so far. At the event they had food, drinks, tattoos, a blood drive (which I thought was really cool) & a ton of vendors. It was a cool event because there were a bunch of vendors with different types of things all motorcycle related. This was our first event with the MOTOMARKET NYC & we had a great time. We also just hung around Brooklyn exploring, went to an art show, saw some cool stuff so heres some pictures from that too. Thank you to everyone who went home with some new Whadafunk gear & I hope you all enjoy this short video recap from the day of the show. Thanks for watching!

Thanks to MotoMarket NYC Check them out: