On July 12-14 we brought the Whadafunk Pop Up Shop to the Strange Days 2019 Event. This is our 3rd time setting up at this event & we finally decided to make a vlog from it. It is always an amazing time & the people we get to meet at this event are always awesome. It is definitely one of a kind and I never really wanted to vlog it because I feel like you just gotta be there to experience it, but this time I wanted to make a recap just so I can remember it haha. On Friday they had flat track racing & although we didn't set up we just hung out, met some old friends, made some new friends and just enjoyed the night. On Saturday....That is like recovery day & pop up shop day. Friday night is a huge party so Saturday is always a little rough trying to get everything together. But we made it happen, we met a lot of people and a lot of people went home with some new Whadafunk. There were a ton of bands, motorcycle show, chopper games, bonfires, old vans, dogs, people riding their bikes around like crazy. It was just awesome, I definitely suggest you go to this event if you ever have the chance to. Thanks to everyone who watched this entire video & to everyone who we met at the event!

Thanks to Strange Days!