We Have Your Six Biker Band Bash 2019

On June 6th-9th at Holiday Mountain in Monticello we brought the Whadafunk Pop Up Shop to the We Have Your Six Biker Band Bash Weekend. It was a really cool event with motorcycle games, pig roast, & a ton of other vendors as well. It was also cool because it had a lot of speakers with information for veterans & current military people to let them know that they are not alone while on their journeys. It was a really fun weekend, we camped out in the van the night before & hung out around the huge bonfire & listened to bands. The next day we set up the Whadafunk Pop Up Shop & met a ton of people from a bunch of different places. Also got invited to 2 more events through this event. It was a successful weekend & I will definitely be going to the next one that they have! Thanks to We Have Your Six! Check them out Here