Vintage Torque Fest Art Auction

"Vintage Torque Fest is a fund raiser designed to help families that have children with congenital heart defects. Vintage Torque Fest is not the typical car show. This is a festival that brings together people from around the country that have a passion for keeping the traditions of the past alive. This means keeping the music, cars, clothes, and art alive. This is what Vintage Torque Fest is about. It is a festival that brings hot rods from around the country, artists from around the world, vendors from east and west coasts, and bands that have toured the world several times over into one location. This year we will get together in Dubuque, Iowa."

Whadafunk was invited to enter the art auction to create a helmet panel. Each artist was given a helmet panel to do whatever they pleased to it. We decided that we should engrave the aluminum panel with a metal engraver and keep it simple with some nice clean lettering. Also wanted to add a positive message to the artwork since that's what is needed most in crappy situations. Here are a few pictures of the helmet we made for the event.

They are also holding a contest at Gnarly Magazine, where you can vote on each helmet. Obviously there are some very talented individuals who were invited, I definitely reccomend everyone to take a look at the other submissions!