How To Bleach Dye Hoodies


On this episode of the WHADAFUNK Stories Vlog we teach you a tutorial how to bleach dye & customize your hoodies. This method works on t-shirts and other clothing items you have as well. We show you the step by step process on how to diy bleach dye your hoodies at home with minimal materials. If you have any questions, please let us know in the youtube comments and we will try to help you as best as we can!


  • The video is about turning black hoodies into bleach dyed hoodies.
  • The materials needed are gloves, a good brand of bleach, a spray bottle, and a black hoodie made of 100% cotton (50/50 cotton works too).
  • Before starting, wear clothes that you don't mind getting bleach on.
  • Mix bleach with water in a spray bottle. Mark the bottle with the amount of bleach and water you used so that you can recreate the same look later.
  • Set up your work area with cardboard or something similar to protect the floor and surfaces from bleach.
  • There are different methods for bleach dyeing, but the video shows a method of scrunching up the hoodie with your hands to control the dye.
  • Follow safety precautions while working with bleach and do it over a sink to avoid making a mess.
  • There are no specific requirements for water temperature; hot or cold water will work.
  • After bleaching, rinse the hoodie with cold water and then wash it separately in a washing machine.