WHADAFUNK "Trippin Out" T-Shirt

You wanna know why we made a cut & sew T-shirt??? Because it brought us back to the original days of when we started the WHADAFUNK brand. This is the 2nd cut & sew tee we've made. The 1st cut & sew tee was a collab with our friends DAVE GONZ from iSKATE.

Huge shoutout to DAVE GONZ because during this iconic collab he helped teach me more about silkscreen printing. The brand would not be here today without the homie teaching us how to start silkscreen printing! We wanted to bring it back to the days of when the brand was just getting started of us skating around, having fun and just feeling FREE.


WHADAFUNK "Winged Sword" T-Shirt

The real story behind this t-shirt is that we wanted to make a cool white shirt that you can wear when you go to the beach or out on a boat or just for the summer vibe. This tee was created with the summer in mind, and even though all we wear is black tees we decided it was a perfect time to bring back a nice fresh white tee.


The inspiration behind the design was we wanted to create an iconic symbol that was simple but can stand out from the distance, the color makes it feel like a stamp or like an icon of a knight.


WHADAFUNK "Forever" & "Shocked Skull" Banners

Our first time ever making banners!!!! Why did we make these banners? guys asked us to make WHADAFUNK banners!! We had many requests from people to make some banners, so we just had to. 

We made 2 different styles both featuring skulls......why? Because we couldn't pick which one we wanted to make honestly, so we were like you know what..why not make both? Also we wanted to make a vertical and a horizontal style banner so people can use it however they'd like. PLUS SKULLS!!!!!! WE LOVE SKULLS!!!!


WHADAFUNK "Too Bad" Crop Top

The "TOO BAD" Crop Top was an essential piece in creating this collection. We love creating designs that are strictly based on lettering and we think that type really can tell a story in itself. Plus the words TOO BAD has a double meaning to us. The heart loop in the crop top really sets this shirt to the next level. 


WHADAFUNK "Twisted Heart" Biker Shorts

We just had to make another pair of biker shorts for the summer. We made a pair last summer collection and it did so well. Plus we think its a great piece to add to any clothing collection. The wiggle in the heart and the red really makes it pop. Plus we wanted to create some interesting lettering. We take pride in our lettering. 


WHADAFUNK "You Lose" T-Shirt

You LOSE! Spider T-Shirt. Taking sayings & phrases and turning them into designs is our favorite thing we do. But with this shirt we wanted to incorporate a spiderweb and a spider but not too it the normal way you would think it to be done. Each piece we make is to create a timeless piece of artwork. So with our unique touch we wanted to separate the web from the spider and add our special lettering.


WHADAFUNK "Truth Hurts" Petite Cami Crop Top

TRUTH HURTS.....& we think you can figure out the meaning and inspiration behind this design. When it's all said and done sometimes the truth just hurts to hear....but it's so much better to hear the truth than a lie.....RIGHT?




Taking it back to the DIY PUNK Aesthetic of the brand. It was only right that we created a button pack for the summer. Buttons are some of our favorite accessories to add to our hats & bags and everywhere else. Plus we wanted to take our packaging to the next level so we created some vibrant colors to really make it pop for the summer vibes.