The Race Of Gentlemen 2022 CANCELLED - TROG 2022

The Race Of Gentlemen 2022 | TROG 2022 | WILDWOOD NJ

On the weekend of October 1st we headed to The Race Of Gentlemen 2022 aka TROG 2022. This is one of the best events of the year. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to the weather from the hurricane. The beaches ended up being flooded all the way up to the boardwalk.

We still had a great weekend checking out what everyone brought to the pits. We also covered some of the 'unofficial' Night Of The Troglodytes. Got some awesome footage of cruising around the beach as well, shoutout to Crazy Uncle Harry! Some footage of riding our motorcycles around and checking out the unofficial car show as well.

We had a great time even though the event was cancelled and tried to make the best of it and show you guys what went on throughout the weekend anyway. Cant wait for next year! Hope you love the video Thanks for watching! TROG - The Race Of Gentlemen 2022 - TROG 2022